Mounting and Laminating Services

We have either Gator Board or Foam Core which
we can mount your photograph or artwork onto.
The Gator Board has a black shiny surface on the back
and is a little thicker than the Foam core which has a
white surface.

We also have Laminating services available!
Our machine allows us to laminate up to about fifty
inches wide. So if you are looking to protect or
preserve some of your work then we are your
laminating source. We have various types of laminate,
differing in their respective finishes. For example,
we have a matte or satin, glossy, and also a crystal
finish, which ends up with a little bit of texture to it.

We can also combine the two if you like as well,
which provides sturdiness and protection! We also
offer adhesive velcro which we will place on the back of
your print, useful for tradeshow displays and other
such events.